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Meeting the demands of a Director is crucial and actors with a flexible acting instrument are ready to meet expectations on-set and onstage. Whether the project is television, film or theatre, you'll establish consistent techniques in pursuit of building a performance that fully supports the world of the material.  Making habit of these techniques will give you the skills to build a spontaneous, emotionally truthful, moment-to-moment performance which will have a tremendous impact on an audience.

reak down scene elements 
    beats, objectives, super-objective, actions, physical and textual

Make strong choices
   drive the action of the character in the scenes, 
making bold, unpredictable choices
Text analysis
   explore interpretation options, illuminating the character & text
Create inner life of character
   root given circumstances in a strong organic, emotional reality
Language analysis
   use the language in the material to make the character and meaning of the text clear & specific

Character interpretation
  transform and 
bring yourself to the material. Heighten specific behavioral characteristics, defining the character
Available for in-person,  & FaceTime sessions.

To book, please follow these three simple steps: 

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3. Once you receive email confirmation, email your monologue(s) and/or scene(s) prior to session
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